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JO IRIZARRY's "The Open Letter" Opening Reception

Show Description:
“The Open Letter Show” is Jo Irizarry’s second one-man exhibition. With this show, it is the artist’s mission to be as honest and as open as possible, allowing light to shine through his illustrations, paintings, and even miscellaneous doodles. Touching on today’s toughest topics while remaining true to self is the power behind this body of work. The idea of an “open letter” suggests the artist’s desire to express himself to a more general audience; leaving no room for specifics to confuse his motives. With everything going on in today’s world, Jo feels compelled to lend his opinion on the state of his family, his people and most importantly, himself.

Artist’s Bio:
Born and raised in Allentown, PA, Jo Irizarry began studying under his uncle and mentor, The Partner of Ice. In elementary school, Jo attended the Baum School of Art in Allentown on a scholarship for basic drawing. Yet the artist finally made his mark as a teenager mimicking his mentor’s blueprint. Irizarry was the name and t-shirts were the hustle!

He went on to study Graphic Design only to realize his indefinite love for traditional mediums. He then began networking and creating in public, which in turn granted him a wider audience. Whether canvas, paper, windows or doors, this artist loves the idea of being a creator.

His influences range from Basquiat and Piccaso to Frazetta and Jim Lee. With all the studying that goes into learning a style, Jo has finally found his own.

Artist’s Statement:
“The plan for this show is very simple. I want to be honest. No gimmicks. No crew. Just me.” -Jo Irizarry

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