Photography Classes

Light painting from Mike’s class!

Light painting from Mike’s class!

Digital Photography intro

Tuesdays, 7-9pm
Jan 15, 22 & 29

Got a new camera for the holidays? Not sure what all those 300 buttons on your camera do? This class is designed to empower you to switch off the "auto" button and take charge of your photos!

Students will learn about the different settings: shutter speeds, aperture settings, white balance, timers, etc. Once you know what everything does, you will learn how to use that information! What settings are best for portraits, action shots, how to achieve depth of field. Students will also learn about taking better photos - composition, the rule of 1/3's and more. Then, some fun stuff: photo trickery, light painting and more!
Instructor: Michael Kingcaid

intro to darkroom

Learn the basics of this extremely satisfying and fascinating process. It's one of the best ways to improve your understanding of photography. Class limited to 2 people.
Week 1: Developing your film
Week 2: Making prints in the wet lab
Week 3: Burning & dodging and touch ups
Week 4: Free,, supervised time in the darkroom
What you need: a roll of B&W film, a film camera to shoot your roll of film with, 8x10 photo paper (RC preferably). 
Bring your shot roll of film with you the first night of class!
Instructor: Ellen Flynn
Dates TBA
$135, all chemicals included