Oil Painting

Whether you’re a novice or want to learn more advanced techniques of oil painting, our instructors have you covered!

“I learned so much from this class! I will recommend it to anyone who wants to get familiar with oil painting. I feel like this provided me with a good foundation to move forward with. The color theory discussions even helped me with my digital work outside of oil painting! Thanks so much.”
— Emilie H.
A work-in-progress by Rachelle, one of Tom's Beginner/Intermediate students!

A work-in-progress by Rachelle, one of Tom's Beginner/Intermediate students!


oil painting, beginner/intermediate

Thursdays, September 26-November 14, 6:30-8:30pm

Whether you're just starting out or are frustrated and looking for guidance, this course will help you bring your work to the next level. 
Week 1 focuses on oil painting tools, terms and color matching, weeks 2-4 are spent working on a still life, and weeks 5-8 painting from a photo reference (bring your own!)

Instructor: Tom Flynn
Materials required: Any materials you already have or the basic starter kit; also a canvas or canvas panel. First night of class, just bring a notebook and pen/pencil.



October 12, 13 & 14

Explore the great Spanish artist Joaquin Sorolla and his unique and dynamic approach to painting. Students look at and practice Sorolla's special manner of paint handling and color approach. Using bold modern colors, students learn the different characteristics of his highly chromatic palette. This workshop includes the study of the costumed portrait and features discussions on anatomy and painting fabric.