Scout Badges!

Earn your badges while having fun!
Up to 2 Scout leaders are free for all Scout activities.


pottery badge

Have fun and earn your Pottery badge at the same time!
Fun, creative clay projects – hand built or wheel thrown (space limited to 6 for wheel throwing, ages 10 and up), can be tailored for all levels/ages of scouts.
Very economical at $22 per scout, includes a pottery studio tour, instruction, clay, both firings. Pieces take about 3 weeks to be ready for pick-up.


cadet book artist badge

Explore the art of bookbinding!
1.5 hour class to learn about and make different types of books, projects can vary and be tailored to your troop. 
Just $22 per girl, we provide all the specialty tools and materials required! 

brownie painting badge.jpg
junior drawing badge.jpg

brownie painting badge

Brownies will learn about a few different famous artists, take a tour of our gallery, then will create their own masterpiece on an 11x14 canvas board using acrylic paints with step by step guidance from the instructor.
$20 per Brownie for 1.5 hour class, all materials included. 


Junior Drawing Badge

Juniors will work with one of our artists to learn the art of drawing: shading, perspective, composition, and will have the chance to experiment with various materials.
$18 for 1.5 hour class, all materials included.