Gallery Space

The Von Hellener Gallery is 1,100 square feet of gallery space and is available to rent for a solo or group exhibition. Gallery has painted brick walls and window wells plus a movable display, if desired.


gallery rental

  • $125/1 week

  • $225/2 weeks

  • $300/3 weeks

  • $375/4 weeks

  • 15% commission

gallery 1.jpg

gallery details

All gallery shows are juried. Please send an email with a description of the exhibit and 10-15 images of the work to

Artist is responsible for dropping off and picking up work in a timely manner. Opening and/or Closing shows must be pre-arranged and scheduled through TAE, and the artist is responsible for accommodations and printed cards or promotional material. TAE can provide tables and chairs for reception(s).

TAE will provide lighting, handle sales and inquiries, and assist with additional promotional resources (Morning Call Go Guide and LV Arts Council listings, social media, etc.).


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why the "von hellener" gallery?

This land had been owned by the Moravian Church, and in 1852 a parcel of it (32 acres) was sold to Christian Friedrich Hellener, a very interesting man! He was born into the prominent von Hellener family in Germany in 1797 and in 1817 decided to take a ship to America. Things couldn't have gone any worse. He was swindled out of all of his money, the ship was plagued by storms and was driven far off course, the captain died and it took 57 weeks to reach the port of Portugal, where he was quarantined on the ship for 100 days. And you thought you were having a bad year! 

He finally reached New York in 1819 and eventually ended up in what is now known as Fountain Hill. On the 1860, 1870 and 1880 censuses he listed himself as a farmer, but interestingly, on the 1850 census, he lists himself as an artist. He has been described as a gifted watercolorist, and found some success as a sculptor, but with a family to feed he abandoned the artist’s life for the more plebian but better paying work of a farmer. We thought it was fitting to name our gallery after a man who was an artist at heart.