Drawing Classes

Drawing is the foundation to good art! Whether you're looking to learn the beginning basics, or more advanced techniques for drawing, there's a class for that.

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Artist: Connie Gilbert; Model: Nori Zelenz

Artist: Connie Gilbert; Model: Nori Zelenz




Wednesdays, Oct. 2-Oct. 30
4:00pm-6:00pm, Ages 8-15
6:15pm-8:15pm, Ages 13 to adult
Instructor: Lily Cernak

Learn all about making 4-koma manga, strip-style comics, and gag comics! We will be reading lots of examples of 4-panel manga and strip-style Western comics, looking at the methods used in making them, and of course making our own!

Materials: Sketchbook & drawing pencils


Wednesdays Nov. 6-Dec. 11
4-6pm, ages 8-15
6:15-8:15pm, ages 13 & up

Making striking or beautiful drawings, illustrations, or comics using only black and white sometimes uses different techniques and tactics than when working in color. Learn about using different types of drawing tools and techniques such as line weight, balancing black and white, textures in your drawing, and more to make your black and white drawings pop! 

Instructor: Lily Cernak

Materials: Sketchbook and drawing pencils


figure drawing class, beginner/intermediate

Tuesdays, Oct. 1-Nov. 5, 6:30-8:30pm
Ages 14 & Up (models will be wearing form-fitting apparel)
$175, includes model fee

A beginner to intermediate guide to anatomy and figure drawing. This course is open for artists of all levels who want to discover new techniques and improve their drawings. Learn about the skills to draw the human figure from a life pose. The class will have a lecture and demonstrate methods for measurement and site, line techniques and organizing the drawing.

HB and 2B drawing pencils
Pencil sharpener
Kneaded eraser and Staedtler Mars white plastic eraser
18”x24” drawing pad (newsprint or regular bond paper)
A stiff backing to rest the drawing pad against and clips to attach the pad

Instructor: Emmanuel Regas
Manny Regas is a professional illustrator and graphic designer in the Lehigh Valley. He has designed and illustrated for large corporations and has received recognition from various associations for excellence in the design field. In 2006 Manny enrolled at Barnstone Studios for instruction in the classical traditions of art and design. Intrigued by the comprehensive curriculum by Myron Barnstone (1933-2016), Manny continued his studies at the studio until Myron’s retirement in 2014. After accumulating information and experience, he has obtained a “tool-box” of techniques and methods to interpret a 3D object and translate it into a 2D image. Manny has a passion for figure drawing and a calling to help artists learn in an encouraging and comfortable environment.



Winter class TBA

Have you always wanted to learn to draw, but didn't know where to start? In this 6 week course, you'll learn all the basics you need to give you confidence in drawing, which is the foundation of all art!
Ages 16 and up.
$120 for 6 week series.
Instructor: Tom Flynn
Materials needed: Set of drawing pencils (should include 2H, HB, 2B, 4B), pad of drawing paper (approximately 18x24), standard rubber eraser and a kneaded eraser, blending stumps (tortillions), ruler, and a pencil sharpener.


figure drawing

Every Friday, 10am-1pm

Join host Pat Sonne for a great morning of figure drawing! A fantastic way to hone your skills, this is an informal, non-instructional life drawing session with fabulous, professional models who vary from week to week.
Pay-what-you-will model fee
There is no registration needed, just show up for the session.