Comic/Manga Summer Camp

July 15-19

Ages 8-14


lily cernak 1.jpg

Making comics, start to finish! Over this 5-day camp, students will choose or create characters, learn about writing dialogue, inking, creating panels, and just the right spot to put speech bubbles; and make their own short story with comic strips and comic pages!

What to bring: Pencils and a comic-book sized or larger sketch pad or loose plain paper, and your imagination!

Instructor: Lily Cernak
About: Lily has been teaching Comics and Manga at The Art Establishment since 2015. She is an illustrator, author, JP-EN translator, language instructor and general nerd. She teaches individual and group classes Japanese, ESL, Manga drawing, general drawing and more in various locations from here to the Philadelphia area. She also teaches Japanese at Villanova University.